name=Borgon(also know as Ben Mercer or Borg Master)



species:Aquaitarian/Human(Note he needs only a human supply of water)


color=Usally white


File:Pic=DT Trent Fernandez.jpg

History Edit

Borgon was Zordon's assitant,he was making sure everything was in perfect shape.He assited Zordon and Ninjor in making the Power Coins.When Zordon went to Earth Borgon went with Alpha 5 and 4 and of course,Zordon himself.He had to blend in and,he made a human body.He took the name Ben Mercer and was adopted by Anton Mercer.He was a replacment for every extra ranger either because they were hurt or they were retired,he is also the creator of the Aquaitar Silver Coin and Morpher.He's last apprence was in Wild Force for 19 episodes.