Story/Plot Edit

5 jedis in training are picked by Yoda to fight the evil Sith from taking over the galaxy can they same with the help of the force? only as Starwars rangers

Rangers Edit

Jason Solo/Red Starwars Ranger Leader of the team Jedi Historian stundent Force Mind control
Tod Skywalker/Blue Starwars Ranger Battle Commander of the team Jedi Archologist stundent Force Grab
Bo Skywalker/Black Starwars Ranger Mechnic of the rangers Jedi Geologist stundent Force Plant attack
Sonya Solo/Yellow Starwars Ranger Navigator of the rangers Jedi Libarian stundent Force Super Jump
Jasmine Fret/Pink Starwars Ranger Techology Advisor of the rangers Jedi Healer stundent Force Healing


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