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All the rangers go there to become Jedi Knights.Jedi academies were established to train Force-sensitive beings accepted into the Jedi Order in the ways of the Force.

The practices of each academy varied, but in general a group of Jedi Masters would instruct younglings, Padawans and the occasional older beings, and each had a Headmaster. Most of the Jedi academies were created before the centralization of the Jedi Order and thus were established on far-flung worlds, usually centered around those with ties to the Force, laden with unique crystals for lightsaber creation, or near a threat that needed a watchful eye—the Almas Academy is exemplary of all of these reasons for its choice of location. The spacefaring academy Chu'unthor was created to help breach the geographic limitations of the Jedi academies. By the fall of the Galactic Republic, most early Jedi training took place in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant under the close observation of the Jedi Council.

Being a JediEdit

Path:There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no chaos; there is harmony. There is no death; there is the Force. — The Jedi Code Becoming a Jedi required the most profound commitment and astute mind. The life of a Jedi was one of sacrifice. To hinder transgression, those who showed an aptitude for the Force were taken directly from birth (or soon afterward) to train in the Jedi Temple headquartered on Coruscant or at smaller Jedi Enclaves as Padawans. From the beginning of their training, a Jedi was expected to adhere to a strict Code that included concepts such as rational thought, patience, and benevolence. Negative emotions such as hate, anger, and fear were thought to be destructive and lead to the dark side, so such things were banned from Jedi practice. Traing:Almost all youthful Jedi were initially called Younglings and instructed in "clans" by a venerable, experienced Jedi Master, learning the ways of the Jedi and the powers of the Force. After Ruusan it had become normal that the Jedi trainees were always children. Once Yavin 4 had been established as Jedi headquarters, the Jedi initiates, which were no longer children, were trained first under the direction of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and, in time, under another Master's direction in groups. When the New Jedi Order began, the Younglings were again trained in clans from childhood.

When an individual student achieved satisfactory understanding of the Jedi way, they were usually taken under the wing of another Jedi member and instructed individually to complete their training. Masters typically brought their Padawans along on missions, and later sent them on missions of their own, to allow them to gain experience and learn from practice.

Not all students were promoted to direct study as Padawan under a Jedi Master. In the days of the Old Republic, it was common practice for Younglings who weren't selected to be Padawans by the age of 13 to be shifted into one of the divisions of the public service organization, the Jedi Service Corps. Obi-Wan Kenobi was one such Youngling until the events at Bandomeer caused Qui-Gon Jinn to accept Obi-Wan as his Padawan.

Lightsaber trainingEdit

The traditional Jedi weapon was the lightsaber, which, in the hands of a skilled wielder, could be deadly in combat, even against opponents armed with ranged weapons. To attain this level of skill, however, required great focus and training. Students practiced the rubrics of lightsaber combat with a remote, and children used training lightsabers. They also dueled fellow Jedi as a test of their skills.

Due to all the weight being in the hilt, Jedi needed heightened awareness, thus, such conditioning honed their attunement to the Force. Since the binding of a lightsaber's intricate innards and the initial charging of the power cell also required knowledge of the Force to implement, the Padawan is tasked with constructing their own lightsaber as part of their training, using a force crystal, (for example found on the ice planet of Ilum), that focuses the crystal's energy thus creating the lightsaber's blade.

During the Jedi Civil War era, many Cerean Jedi used specially-forged Kasha lightsaber crystals as a meditative tool; by incorporating such crystals into their training regimens, they helped to clear the wielder's mind of distractions, even during tense physical combat. Further, it was a task in itself to find components for the lightsaber. Meditation in a crystal cave on a planet such as Ilum or Dantooine would often produce an image in the Jedi's mind about the lightsaber they were to build. The construction of a lightsaber was considered a milestone on the path to Jedi Knighthood, and took on a heavily symbolic meaning.

During the times of the Old Republic, it was a customary practice for a Jedi Master to present their own personal lightsaber as a gift to their most accomplished student. Jedi apprentice Nomi Sunrider was the recipient of one such lightsaber, receiving the weapon from Master Thon as a testament to the potential for greatness he recognized within her. Though the apprentice was indeed grateful for receiving such an honored gift, their Master would still stress the importance of knowing how to build one, requiring or even demanding that eventually the apprentice learns to construct their own, unique, lightsaber.

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Starwars Power Ranges

Force PowersEdit

Force Healing-Pink Ranger's force power Force Grab-Blue Ranger's force power Force Super Jump-Yellow Ranger's force power Force Plant attack-Green Ranger's force power Force Mind control-Red Ranger's force power

Jason Solo/Red Starwars RangerEdit

He is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia.Leader of the team.He is a Jedi Historian stundent.Hobbies Podracing. Protrayed by Austin St.John

Tod Skywalker/Blue Starwars RangerEdit

He is the son of Luke Skywalker.Battle Commander of the team.He is a Jedi Archologist stundent.Hobbies Podracing Protrayed by Tom Hern

Bo Skywalker/Green Starwars RangerEdit

He is the brother of Tod.Mechnic of the rangers.He is a Jedi Geologist stundent.Hobbies Podracing.He is station at The Agricultural Corps (or AgriCorps) Protrayed by Jason David Frank

Sonya Solo/Yellow Starwars RangerEdit

She is the little sister of Jason.Navigator of the rangers.She is a Jedi Libarian stundent.Hobbies works as a clerk at dinner.She is also work in the great jedi libarie Protrayed by Avril Lavinge

Jasmine Fret/Pink Starwars RangerEdit

She is the daughter of Boba Fret.Techology Advisor of the rangers.She is a Jedi Healer stundent.Hobbies works as at a medical hospital.She is stationed at the Jedi Temple's Halls of Healing, within which the Medical Corps maintained an infirmary. Protrayed by Tasha Kennedy

Zords Edit

Red Star Wars Ranger-X-Wing Star fighter Yellow Starwars Ranger-Y-Wing Star Fighter>k-wing assault starfighter,Bue Star Wars Ranger-AA-9 Coruscant freighter,Pink Star Wars Ranger- Medical frigate,and Green Star Wars Ranger-3-Z light freighter

Megazord Formation Edit

X-wing-head,y-wing/k-wing-waist and upper legs,3-z light freighter-torso and arms,aa-9 coruscant freighter-left leg,medical frigate-right leg


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