The Mystic Guardian Rangers are also called Mystic Force for the reason they are in fact their kids. After all do you realy think bad people with are just going to stop using it? The Mystic Guardian Rangers have to deal with bad guys and being in the past when their parents are teenagers with the slight chance they might disapear forever.

Rangers and Friends

Ashley Russell- Younger twin of Eric and yourger sister of Byron. Ashley is the red ranger of her team. When Ashley was four she saw her father died and from then on her mother had been overprotictive of her. Her power is fire. Ashley is the youngest of the group being 16. She has a crush on Adam but never says anything about it. Aunt to Donna. Has a motorcycle.

Eric Russell- Older twin of Ashley and younger brother of Byron. Eric is the blue ranger. Eric never knew his dad being kidnapped at birth and only reuinting with his family at 14. His power is water. Eric is the second youngest at 16. Uncle to Donna. Is on soccor team.

Byron Russell- Older brother of Eric and Ashley. He is the purple ranger with the power of the spirits. Byron simply known as By was adopted as a baby. He is the oldest at 20. He was the leader until Ashley, Eric, and Chris wer allowed to use morphers, which then he gave up the rank to Ashley kknowing she could do it. He has a soon to be wife, Susan. He is already a father to a baby girl. Father to Donna. Has job as a teacher.

Fred Torn- Older twin of George he is the orange (use to be pink) ranger. Being in the past was the hardest for him because his looks just like his dad. His power is wind. Fred is the second oldest being 19. He can shapeshift into a hawk. He was freaked out when he found out he had another cousin (Eric).

George Torn- Twin of Fred. Her power is lighting. She is 19 and was a cleerleader in school. Her favorite color and ranger color is yellow. She can change her shape at will. George is overly happy.

Crystal Bly- Aka Chris is the green ranger and has the power of earth. Her age is 17. She has all the powers of the gatekeeper (guess why). She was the one got Ashley and Eric their morphers. She Bridge Carson's girlfriend.

Adam Park Jr.- He is the black ranger with the power of both light and dark. He use to be evil because his uncle Earl E. Demis told him he could bring back his fther if nhe helped him. He is 17 and has a crush in Ashley but never says anything about it. He is not fond of Eric.

Mystic Force- The founders of The Mystic Guardian Rangers and parents to the Guardian Rangers.

Joe and Zac- Zac is the uncle of Joe being the kid of Joe's grandmother. Zac is the half brother to Joe's mom. Them being the same age (17) and having crushes on Ashley does not help the rangers. Zac is hlaf vampire, half human. Joe is part Troll, Goblin, Vampire, and human.

Susan- Byron's soon to be wife and mother to her's and Byron's Baby girl Donna.


Earl E. Demis is the evil uncle of Adam and wants all of the powers dead.

The death sisters- Mystic Guardian Rangers version of Necrolai. They often just cause trouble for the rangers.

Mark Demis is Adam's cousin and personal villan.

June Demis is Adam's aunt who hated her nephew from day one. She is french and mother of Mark.

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Note these characters you can not use. Does not own mystic force or spd characters (These you can use). Anyone who saw mystic force should know who the parents are by the colors and powers and last names. If not watch the show or look em' up cause it is not going here.