Red Cyber Squad

Red Ranger Cyber Squad, Chloe Jones.

Power Rangers Cyber Squad==

In this exciting series, the team comes from the social outcasts of Heritage Middle School. The smartest student in the school, Ethan, creates Flash morphers, a flash drive and a receiver box. When the drive is inserted into the receiver box, the flash drive automatically activates an executable java file, a code to activate the scanner in the receiver box that scans the body to produce the perfect suit size. It also produces special weapons. When his sattelite picks up a threat signal, Ethan must replicate the morpher and create five suits. Chloe, Evan, Dustin, Leo, and Katherine must defeat the infamous Shadows, lead by Kevin Klasner, who plan on taking our world for their own. When Klasner captures Chloe, Ethan must build a morpher out of his old iPod and become the Microranger. Finally, it all comes down to Klasner storming Heritage and capturing all of the students, using them to force the rangers into revealing themselves and giving up. Will Klasner succeed, or will he be thwarted by the rangers?