Story Edit

5 collage stundents are choosen by Dr.Dino to save the world from the evil Iceage Empire as the Preistoric Rangers.

Preistoric Rangers Edit

Rex Preston/Red Preistoric Ranger A Football player of Tarpits University. The leader of the team. He tends to be a showoff but has a good heart. Weapon T-Rex Club.

Eran Issy/Blue Preistoric Ranger A track and field star at Tarpits University. Mechnic of the team. Weapon Triceratops hammer.

Parry Reid/Green Preistoric Ranger Tarpits Univerty's Radio DJ. Second-in-command. He also is a hiphop dancer. Weapon Paralosauras Ax

Inena Riccie/Yellow Preistoric Ranger A cheerleader from Tarpits Univerty. Kind and caring person. Navigator of the team. Weapon Dimetradon Knifes.

Terry Torrance/Pink Preistoric Ranger A Rock musician and skateboarder at Tarpits Univerty. Tomboy and a rebel. She is the techology advisor,expert,and gaget tester of the team. Weapon Ptera Spear and Ptera Bow.

Allies Edit

Dr.Dino: The owner of Tarpits Museum and ranger's mentor. Proffessor Eggart: A collage proffessor at Tarpits University. Citiazins of Tarpits City: The rangers protect them from the Iceage Empire.

Villains:The Iceage Empire Edit

Manny: A Wolly Mannoth beast. The main villain of the fanfiction. Weapon mace hammer. Sabra: A Sabertooth tiger beast. Wife of Manny. Weapon sabers. Mason: A Masdon beast. Son of Sabra and Manny. Weapon shield. Rhino: Manny's Henchman. A Wolly Rhino beast. Weapon sword. Sloths: Foot soliders. Weapon claws Iceage monsters: Monsters used to attack Tarpits City.

Zords Edit

The Preistoric Zords in Preistoric Ranger, much like in Power Rangers: Dinothunder. Caveman Megazord: Composes of the following: T-Rexzord: The Red preistoric ranger's Zord. Forms the torso and upper legs of the Caveman Megazord. Triceratops: Blue preistoric ranger's Zord. Forms the waist and shield of the Caveman Megazord. Pteradactor: Pink preistoric ranger's Zord. The only Zord capable of flight. Forms the head, wings, arms,and breastplate of the Caveman Megazord. Green Paralosauras: Green Knight's personal Zord. Forms the right leg and sword the Caveman Megazord. Yellow Dimetradon: Yellow Preistoric ranger's Zord. The only Zord capable of surviving underwater. Forms the left leg of the Caveman Megazord. Auxiliary Preistoric Zords: Similar to the Auxiliary Zords from Dino Thunder, these Zords can replace the arms of the Caveman Megazord. They consist of the following: Raptor,Stegosauras,Anklosauras,Ceprasauras,and Dilaprasauras.

Arsenal Edit

Fossil Phones: The Preistoric Rangers' Morphers. Small, Cellphone-like devices. Morth call "Preistoric,Historic"Each one has a picture of their respective Preistoric rangers' dinosaur. Also used to summon the Zords. They can also combined with the dinosaur egg blaster/sword to make the Dinosaur artifacts scanner/navigator. Dinosaur egg blaster/sword: Basic sidearms for each ranger. Has 2 modes sword and blaster. Caveman Battlizer: Red preistoric ranger's battlizer. Fossil Cycles: Motorcycles given to the rangers by Dr.Dino